Creating a piece of art with mosaic tiles

Creating a piece of art with mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are an exceptionally versatile and useful surface treatment in a variety of different locations – from bars, spas and bathrooms to kitchens. However, when it comes to creating bespoke wall art, mosaic tiles come into their own.

Mosaic tiles: planning your project

Whether you're looking to create a unique feature in a residential setting, install a work of art in a restaurant, school, gallery or hotel, or instate a corporate logo in an office, at Square Foot Ceramics our projects team is proud to offer a completely bespoke design service to our clients using mosaic tiles.

From preparing initial designs through to using precision waterjet equipment to cut and shape the mosaic tiles, our expert projects team need just a photograph, sketch or drawing in order to turn a client's brief into reality, creating a spectacular and original piece of artwork.

A variety of methods with mosaic tiles

Our projects team utilises numerous methods to create wall artwork with mosaic tiles:

  • 'Full Time' mosaic method uses complete mosaic tiles to recreate any image or design, using different sized tiles where required.
  • 'Cut Tile' design is ideal for more intricate designs, with detailed motifs – we cut and place the tiles by hand to ensure smooth lines are created.
  • 'Digital Print' mosaic can be used to replicate any image to any scale onto vitreous glass mosaic tiles, which is ideal for both swimming pool and wall installations.
  • 'True Mosaic' uses tiny fragments of mosaic tile, placed meticulously into the design.

Using mosaic tiles for commercial projects

Many of our industry clients use our projects team's services for commercial assignments. Our designs, created from mosaic tiles, can be used in so many different ways, to enhance a variety of spaces which range from bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels to swimming pools and deluxe spas. We also use mosaic techniques to install wall art in more conventional business settings – such as office foyers, shopping malls and retail spaces – where logos or designs using corporate colours add a sense of individuality, identity and interest.

Residential applications for mosaic tiles

We also cater for interior designers and architects who are looking to create a spectacular installation in their clients' homes. From hallways, gardens and swimming pools to lavish bathrooms, kitchens and entertainment spaces, mosaic tiles can really add an individual facet to domestic properties. From family coats of arms to scenes from nature, and abstract designs to exotic foreign themes – anything is possible with design skills and mosaic tiles.

Mosaic tiles for any project

At Square Foot Ceramics we offer a broad selection of mosaic tiles from the well-known Original Style brand and we can also source mosaic tiles for specific client projects – it's a bold claim, but we pride ourselves on there being no colour or finish that we cannot deliver! Our projects team is on hand to provide expert advice and a design service for any mosaic installation project.

In addition to mosaic tiles, we also supply slate and other natural stone products and high quality ceramic and porcelain surfaces.

To find out more about our range of mosaic tiles and expert design service, please speak to a member of the Square Foot Projects team on 0208 397 6283.

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