Using ceramic tiles in open-plan spaces

Using ceramic tiles in open-plan spaces

Carpet, ceramic tiles, a wooden surface or natural stone? Flooring makes a big impact in any room and selecting a floor surface for an open-plan space can prove especially challenging. With numerous flooring options available for residential purposes, one stands out as the optimum choice for an open-plan area: ceramic tiles.

Read on, to find out why ceramic tiles are the perfect flooring solution for open-plan residential spaces.

Ceramic tiles to visually unify a space and avoid awkward transition

One of the many benefits of an open-plan layout is that it maximises floor area, therefore it is best to avoid transition wherever possible to retain visual openness and flow.

Contemporary open-plan living requires a style of interior décor and furnishing that is cohesive across an expansive area: extended sight lines mean that anything that jars the eye should be avoided. Whilst it isn't necessary to be decoratively homogenous, a level of aesthetic coherence is important to unify the space as a whole – sleek large format ceramic tiles, with rectified edges and minimal grout lines, are the ideal choice.

The practicality of ceramic tiles

Entryways between rooms are a logical point for a transition in floor coverings in the home but in an open-plan area this isn't an option. When traditionally separate zones, with distinct and different purposes – such as a kitchen, dining area and living space – merge in an open-plan layout they demand a surface that is multi-functional and fulfils all of their exacting requirements whilst also delivering on aesthetic appeal. ceramic tiles are stylish and durable which makes them extremely practical for use in functional, high traffic areas such as kitchens. ceramic tiles can be accessorised and softened with textured rugs in living and dining areas where warmth and comfort are a chief consideration.

Neutral ceramic tiles

For the space to flow without interruption it is important to retain an element of tonal neutrality and consistency in decorative finishes, and this extends to ceramic tiles. 'Neutral' doesn't necessarily mean colourless – muted shades and subtle patterns can work beautifully as opposed to a large expanse of garish tiles which will look too busy and dominant.

Make the most of an open-plan living space with super-sized ceramic tiles

Because open-plan living is considered the modern ideal it is becoming increasingly widespread. Capitalise on a spacious area by choosing generous-sized furniture and installing large format ceramic tiles which ensure that space flows with a sense of continuity between the different zones.

Ceramic tiles: compatible with underfloor heating

ceramic tiles are the perfect accompaniment for underfloor heating systems as they offer superior thermal conductivity compared to other flooring options. Underfloor heating is an excellent option in an open-plan space as it is economical, efficient and eliminates the need for bulky and unattractive radiators.

An extensive range of porcelain and ceramic tiles and natural stone flooring

At Square Foot Ceramics we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of high quality ceramic tiles – in addition to porcelain wood-effect tiles, anti-slip products, large format tiles, mosaic treatments and natural stone flooring. We are confident that we can source the right product for your exact specifications and project.

To find out more about our extensive range of ceramic tiles, speak to a member of the Square Foot Projects team on 0208 397 6284.

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