Top tips for choosing the right type of floor and wall tiles in a commercial setting

Top tips for choosing the right type of floor and wall tiles in a commercial setting

The selection of floor and wall tiles, based on aesthetic considerations, is not restricted to residential locations. Commercial spaces, which include hotels, shops and office buildings, now demand more than just a functional surface, as they become increasingly striking and stylish zones.

Whatever the purpose of a commercial space, clients will expect that both the floor and wall tiles utilised will provide an aesthetically pleasing finish that is both durable and easy to maintain, while remaining within budget.
At Square Foot Ceramics we have an outstanding collection of tiles from accredited factories worldwide that will meet all of these demands — and more. Whatever the commercial space's ultimate purpose, an inviting and appropriate setting with a sleek finish is guaranteed when choosing from our range of floor and wall tiles.

Floor and wall tiles – consider the decorative style

Choosing an appealing colour, style, finish and design for floor or wall tiles is of course essential; the selection should sit coherently alongside the business' identity – whether that is modern, contemporary or more traditional. In terms of aesthetics, small format floor and wall tiles with many grout joints will look 'busy', whereas a large format tile will create a more sleek appearance with fewer grout joints to break up the flow of the tiled area.

Large format floor and wall tiles are increasingly popular in commercial spaces to enhance the sense of space and we can provide tiles up to 1200mm x 1200mm.

Other considerations are grouting choice and how the tiles are laid; coloured or contrasting grouting is increasingly popular – either match the grout to the tile to make the joints less obvious and create a continuous flow of colour, or select a contrasting shade to make more of a statement. The size format of the tile and the laying configuration are important considerations when choosing both floor and wall tiles.

Selecting floor and wall tiles which are practical

Durability, as well as ease of cleaning, are also significant considerations; a textured surface will require additional cleaning than a glazed or matt smooth finish.

For floor tiles, consideration should be given to the amount of traffic the area will receive as well as its exposure to moisture, when traction on a flooring tile is an important safety issue. Square Foot Ceramics' Anti-Slip Collection is available in an extensive range of designs, colours and also slip ratings, where the dispersal of water is an important feature of the tile.

Square Foot Ceramics' extensive Porcelain Collection is especially suitable for use as floor and wall tiles in both interior and exterior spaces; these tiles will add luxury and elegance to enhance any design specification. The Arezzo range offers all the shading and tonal variations that natural stone would provide, while the Vittoria range offers plain colours which can be combined to stunning effect.

Square Foot Ceramics – floor and wall tiles for every project

At Square Foot Ceramics we have an extensive range of premium quality porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tiles and we also supply slate and other natural stone products.

Square Foot Ceramics' Projects team offers bespoke design services where clients' logos and individual designs can be incorporated into both floor and wall tiles designs to create truly original and eye-catching tile installations.

To find out more about our complete range of floor and wall tiles, as well as our expert design service, please speak to a member of the Square Foot Projects team on 0208 397 6283.

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