Green tiles help build a better future

Building an environmentally-friendly future – how green tiles can help

Sustainability has become a keyword when it comes to construction, architecture and development. All sectors are facing increasing pressure to boost their green credentials by incorporating renewable energies into schemes, upping recycling processes and using eco-friendly materials.

When it comes to finishing a project, Square Foot can help with our range of green tiles. We have built links with factories that produce LEED-certified products and stock a wide range of tiles that have been made by eco-friendly manufacturers.

Here, our experts focus on green tiles and how they can help accommodate increasingly demanding specs.

What is LEED?

Founded in the US, Leadership in Energy and Environmental design (LEED) is a certification scheme that verifies the green credentials of any kind of construction project. Points are awarded across a number of criteria and then given one of four ratings, ranging from certified to platinum.

Buildings that achieve LEED certification are proved to be “resource efficient” by using less water and energy and reducing greenhouse gases, which in turn saves money.

Now more than ever, architects, designers and developers are striving to make their projects as environmentally friendly as possible as the world demands to see those in the construction industry do their bit to go green – and to adhere to legislation.

Building blocks for a green future

The LEED stamp does not just apply to a building’s exterior. Boosting a project’s interior green credentials is also important. And this is where Square Foot can help project managers meet eco-friendly targets.

We are proud to stock a wide range of tiles labelled with the green leaf logo, which represents their LEED certification. These products come from factories that are conscious of their workforce as well as the environment. Staff safety is high on their agenda alongside promoting sustainable architecture and safeguarding the landscape around us.

They also use recycled raw materials to manufacture their products and recycle waste and water. So when you buy a green leaf tile you can be safe in the knowledge you are buying an eco-friendly product.

What’s available?

No matter what room you are working on there is a LEED-certified tile that can fit your project. From rough stone, to natural-looking wood and marble to granite-effect, eco-friendly manufacturers have every got every surface covered.  

For rough-hewn looking stone try the Bari collection, which comes in a range of colours and comes in sizes from 151mm to 300mm. Or if you want a wood finish, the Brescia collection offers four natural-looking options, suitable for walls and floors.

If you need, or are looking for, a range of sizes for your tiles the Caserta collection comes in three different dimensions. Offering a range of stone-effect designs – ranging from cream to black in colour – it provides a versatile choice.

Square Foot Ceramics: tiles for every leisure project

We are proud to be a leading supplier to the interior design, contract and architectural industries offering an extensive range of high quality floor and wall tiles that can be supplied on short lead times.

Our project team has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is happy to offer assistance, no matter the size of the project.  Please call a member of the team on 0208 397 6284 or complete our enquiry form.

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