Large format porcelain tiles can be used to create a luxurious look, both in residential and commercial spaces

Large format porcelain tiles can be used to create a luxurious look, both in residential and commercial spaces

Large format porcelain tiles continue to be a strong trend and look equally as good in commercial settings as they do in residential spaces.

Architects, interior designers and homeowners often favour the aesthetically-pleasing, open look that large format porcelain tiles offer.

Creating a contemporary feel in commercial spaces

Large format porcelain tiles are an increasingly popular choice and create a seamless and streamlined look – perfect for a spacious commercial area where a strong visual statement is sought.

Large porcelain tiles add a touch of luxury and are the ideal choice for upmarket business premises, retail spaces, restaurants, bars and high-end hotels.

In high-traffic areas, such as foyers and offices, large format tiles create a feeling of calm efficiency both for those passing through and those who work within the space. Offering sleek appeal, and requiring minimal maintenance, large tiles add a sense of timeless opulence. Due to a minimal amount of grouting, large format porcelain tiles require less cleaning and maintenance.

Using large format porcelain tiles for residential projects

With the growing trend for open plan living spaces – think kitchen-diners and living-dining areas – large format ceramic or porcelain tiles are the perfect option to highlight a flowing space. Larger tiles emphasise a spacious area, where a smaller tile could look lost, thus adding wow factor to any interior scheme.

Kitchens are normally the busiest room in the home and require a durable surface that is easy to clean and maintain. A large format porcelain tile, with minimal grout lines, is resistant to kitchen spills and keeps scrubbing to a minimum.

In this era of design, rules are there to be broken. Contrary to traditional opinion, even smaller spaces such as bathrooms or wet rooms can benefit from larger porcelain tiles. For those aspiring to a boutique-led design, dimension and minimal joints can serve to enhance and visually expand a room. When using larger tiles in a bathroom it is important to consider the colour scheme and is advisable to choose a lighter coloured tile with a minimal pattern. In addition a contrasting grout colour should be avoided – select a grout that is as close to the tone of the tile as possible. It is also important to be mindful of the practical application of tiles – it goes without saying that a matt or textured porcelain tile will be more slip-resistant and suitable as a floor surface in wet conditions.

Spacious entrance halls can benefit from the use of large format porcelain tiles due to their ability to trick the eye and, again, they are easy to keep clean and maintain which is especially important in areas of high footfall.

For those seeking a modern aesthetic within the home or business, large format porcelain tiles look clean and luxurious. At Square Foot Projects we have an extensive range of ceramic and porcelain tiles for every space and style – to find out more about our range of large format tiles, contact us here.

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