patterned wall tiles

Patterned, not plain, floor and wall tiles for commercial projects

It can be all too easy to opt for the safe option of plain floor and wall tiles, but how about adding some character with patterned designs?

When used in the right setting, patterned floor or wall tiles will make a style statement and enhance a theme whilst adding visual texture and interest to a commercial space.

Hexatile floor and wall tiles to add character

Our Hexatile floor and wall tiles will make a real statement in any commercial setting. With 20 different designs influenced by Victorian encaustic tiles and geometric Moroccan patterns, these hexagonal tiles can be used as an all over pattern; alternatively use them as an accent by mixing with plain-coloured hexagonal tiles. 

Available in two different colourways – a chic monochrome option or a heritage-inspired palette of turquoise, stone, taupe, ochre and grey – our Hexatile can be used to create very different looks in settings. The monochrome tiles can be used for chic fashion and lifestyle retail premises, bars or restaurants; the coloured range can be used to create a pretty and vintage-style interior. 

Subtle pattern with glossy Foggia and Vicenza wall tiles

Available in a range of fantastic colours – from white, cream and pale grey to aqua, crimson, rust and denim blue – these 75 x 150mm glossy ceramic wall tiles are available as a set of four individual designs with subtly raised relief patterns comprising geometric and linear forms paired with floral, shell and scroll-like shapes. These tiles would be ideal for a chic café or bar to add visual interest.

The patterns of Foggia and Vicenza can be combined with plainer Monza wall tiles of the same dimensions.

Choose our Acerra wall tiles for rustic charm

In mellow sun-baked shades of terracotta, bronze, stone and cream, accented with grey and turquoise, these rustic-looking matt porcelain floor and wall tiles feature a series of charming patterns which range from stylised daisy motifs to intricate abstract patterns. 

The nine individual tile designs can be used on their own or mixed and matched for an appealing patchwork effect. The 200 x 200mm floor and wall tiles are perfect for a themed restaurant, bar or café. 

Our Activ ceramic floor and wall tiles

Our Activ collection comprises plain ceramic floor tiles in subtle shades of Taupe, Moon, Graphite and Caramel with a selection of corresponding patterned accent wall tiles to add visual interest.

In a palette of white, stone and taupe, Activ’s Yaras Textile resembles a patchwork of six squares of varying intricate geometric designs. For a more modern and dynamic look, Activ’s Muretto tiles offer a layered pattern of narrow tonal strips.

A range of stylish floor and wall tiles for every project

We offer our clients from the interior design, contract and architectural industries an extensive range of quality floor and wall tiles to meet the needs of their individual projects and specifications.


Our ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles are sourced from reputable international manufacturers and are suitable for application in both domestic and commercial settings. In stock, and available for next day delivery nationwide from our Chessington distribution warehouse, we have a stylish collection of floor and wall tiles which meet short lead times.

Our team’s experience and expertise ensure excellent customer service for our clients – for any enquiries regarding our range of ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles, or our tile-sourcing service, please call and speak to a member of the Square Foot Projects team on 0208 397 6284.

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