Plain or patterned ceramic tiles? A guide to selecting the right tile for a commercial project

Plain or patterned ceramic tiles? A guide to selecting the right tile for a commercial project

With a vast array of designs to choose from, when it comes to deciding between patterned and plain ceramic tiles for use in commercial settings, the main considerations should be the type of space, its function and the image of the business.

With differing commercial spaces in mind, we explore how ceramic tiles can evoke different looks, through the use of intricate pattern or the simplicity of a plain surface.

Add personality with patterned ceramic tiles

In those commercial settings where businesses have the freedom to be more character-full – such as independent shops, cafés and bars – patterned wall or floor tiles are the ideal choice. Patterned ceramic tiles increase visual interest whilst ramping up the charm and individuality of a space.

Achieving a vintage aesthetic with patterned ceramic tiles

In recent times, the increasing popularity of vintage-style tea rooms and boutiques has been reflected in the trend for quirky, retro-inspired decorative themes. Patterned ceramic tiles have seen a resurgence and look unique and quaint when combined with antique furniture, vintage memorabilia and kitsch neon flourishes.

Bold and striking patterns

If an exciting and dynamic effect is sought, then geometric designs can be used to add an exotic atmosphere to an interior. Think atmospheric Mediterranean or Moroccan-inspired ceramic tiles which are perfect for bars and restaurants seeking a strikingly individual style.

Alternatively glazed ceramic tiles, such as our Florence collection, provide a more contemporary style of texture and pattern to walls.

Modern and minimal plain ceramic tiles

In commercial spaces where an air of professional sophistication is required – such as hotels, airports, museums and offices – plain and neutral-toned ceramic tiles are still very much in favour.

Our sleek and glossy Monza ceramic tiles give walls a streamlined, polished and minimalist appearance; by avoiding visual fuss they instil a sense of calm and order.

Mixing and matching ceramic tiles

Our Foggia and Vicenza ceramic tiles are an ideal tile to use as a border to add extra visual interest to a wall. The glossy Vicenza collection is available in 4 designs and a number of colourways which can be paired harmoniously with the plainer Monza tiles. Without overwhelming the space where they are installed, they are ideal for sophisticated retail outlets, high-end restaurants and creative, less conventional, offices.

Ceramic tiles for a contemporary setting

Plain needn't mean boring: beautifully textured or vividly coloured ceramic tiles add subtle interest to design schemes within corporate spaces and office buildings. In a soft palette of neutrals and greens, and with their appealing crackle glaze finish, our plain Venice metro-style ceramic tiles can be combined together to create a pleasing pattern.

Large format ceramic tiles are clean and neat: perfect for an open-plan business setting which demands a modern, efficient appearance.

An extensive selection of ceramic tiles

At Square Foot Ceramics we offer a selection of high quality ceramic tiles – from highly patterned to sleek and simple, and everything in between.

In addition we have an extensive array of porcelain wall and floor tiles, anti-slip products, large format tiles, mosaic treatments and natural stone flooring, so we are confident that we can source the right product for your exact specification and project.

To find out more about our extensive range of porcelain and ceramic tiles, speak to a member of the Square Foot Projects team on 0208 397 6284.

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