Patterned Mosaics

Making a style statement with patterned porcelain tiles

Patterned porcelain tiles are a key trend at the moment, forming a strikingly bold style statement in both commercial and residential settings. More individual and eye-catching compared to their plain-toned counterparts, when it comes to patterned ceramic or porcelain tiles there's an option for every project, space and style.

Creating a patchwork of patterned porcelain tiles

A current trend in ceramic and porcelain tiles sees a combination of differing geometric patterns 'mixed and matched' to form an intricate patchwork effect. To avoid the pattern becoming overwhelming, it is recommended that tiles share a common or complementary colour palette such as a chic combination of crisp white and dove grey. Since this floor design creates such a dramatic effect it is best when accompanied by a plainer wall finish and more simple furnishing style. The effect of the pattern can be diluted, either by using a scattered plain coloured tile or by bordering the room with plain tiles, so that the patterned area only covers part of the floor.

Glossy 'metro' tiles

Rectangular 'metro' tiles, with their retro bevelled edges, have seen a huge return to favour. Interspersing them with an occasional patterned tile of the same shape and profile can bring the look right up to date, making it feel far more modern and edgy. Alternatively porcelain tiles with a glossy or matt three dimensional 'relief' pattern can make a more subtle statement.

Creating a feature wall or floor

A distinctive and highly patterned porcelain tile can add visual dimension to a room and is especially effective when used to create a focal point covering a relatively small area – for example, behind a shower or bath, as a splashback or feature wall behind a reception desk. To further enhance a distinctive pattern, combine with a much plainer tile such as a white glossy 'metro' or large format tile.

Patterned porcelain tiles for a retro-vintage aesthetic

For a more traditional or vintage feel, either within a residential kitchen, bathroom or perhaps in a restaurant or café setting, encaustic-inspired porcelain tiles incorporating mellow earthy tones hark back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Banish the beige and opt for fabulous patterned porcelain tiles

Patterned ceramic or porcelain tiles can bring a Moroccan or Mediterranean influence to a residential project or themed commercial space such as a restaurant, bar, retail premises or spa. Rhythmic and intricate Moorish-inspired patterns combine to bring a rustic elegance suited to larger areas. To ensure the effect is striking, as opposed to dominating, it is recommended that a slightly subdued colour way is selected such as cool blue, olive green and soft cream. A pattern should be established before the tiles are installed to ensure the design achieves the desired effect.

Some patterned tiles aren't for everyone – love them or hate them, in stronger colour ways they make a real statement and need to be used boldly. A combination of glossy black and gold porcelain tiles makes for a very opulent feel which is perfect for a 1920's boutique-style bathroom, restaurant or hotel.

Monochrome patterned porcelain tiles

Black and white is a classic and timeless colour combination which transcends styles, from traditional to modern, dependent on the pattern. Many designers and consumers opt for monochrome to create a modern contemporary feel. Whilst a minimal colour palette is a design feature, using monochrome patterned porcelain tiles can prove to be very effective in both commercial and residential spaces.

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