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Tile trends: stylish boutiques, hotels, restaurants and bars 

At Square Foot Ceramics we offer clients from the world of interior design, contract and architecture a comprehensive selection of ceramic and porcelain products for floors and walls, to suit every commercial project. 

In this article we’re focusing on the emerging trends for tiles in deluxe commercial premises – namely retail, entertainment and leisure venues including high-end boutiques, hotels, bars and restaurants. 

The key factors governing tile choices 

The majority of prestigious retail and hospitality projects are governed by high impact aesthetics and a specific corporate identity, which gives decision-makers creative freedom and a great selection of product choices. Other key drivers in both retail and hospitality settings are products which offer ease of maintenance as well as safety and sustainability. 

Timeless neutrals 

Simultaneously classic and modern, monochromatic neutrals play a significant role in sophisticated corporate, retail and hospitality settings. Mid-range grey tiles, for example, deliver a strong backdrop to showcase transitional adornments such as displays, POS and furniture. 

Sleek large format tiles 

A clean and sleek look is very much in favour, and solid colour (or low variation) large format tiles lend themselves to this look. ‘The bigger the better’ is a useful mantra when it comes to selecting tiles for a spacious showroom, boutique or hotel foyer: larger spaces in commercial design demand a tile that can handle an expanse without making the flooring or walls look too ‘busy’. 

Coordination and dimension 

Vast spaces need accents to keep things interesting and many designers are using the same tile range but in different sizes, finishes, colours or shapes to create patterns that add interest to the design. A number of our ranges are modular collections which designers can use to achieve harmonious colours, shapes and sizes effortlessly. 

Wood and stone-effect porcelain products 

Photo-realistic porcelain products are an ongoing trend in commercial projects of this nature. Significant improvements in the photographic application of natural wood and stone textures onto porcelain substrates are delivering an incredibly lifelike appearance. These advanced digital technologies, and a broader choice of colour and finish, mean that porcelain tiles combine the appealing organic look of natural marble, stone or wood with the economy, durability and ease of maintenance of porcelain. 

Indoors and out 

We are seeing a demand for tile ranges which can be used both for interiors and exteriors – designers want to be cohesive and set the tone for their interior designs before the building is even entered and a product which delivers on both fronts is ideal for this sleek and seamless look. 

Greener tiles 

In addition to changing aesthetic demands, designers, specifiers and project managers are increasingly on the lookout for products which offer higher levels of sustainability (particularly with the release of LEED v4 and its product transparency requirements). We are proud to be associated with factories that are conscious of worker safety, who promote sustainable architecture, use recycled raw materials, recycle waste and water and who promote the protection of the natural landscape and many of our products (labelled with the green leaf logo) are supplied as LEED certified – whatever your need and budget Square Foot Projects can source and supply to suit your individual green design requirement.. 

Square Foot Ceramics: stylish, quality tiles for every commercial space 

Our large stock tile range is ideal for meeting short lead times without compromising on style and is available for next day delivery, nationwide, from our Surrey distribution centre. Alternatively our knowledgeable Projects Team can source tiles to meet the specific requirements of our clients’ project briefs. 

For all enquiries regarding our collection of stock tiles, or to discuss our tile sourcing service, please call and speak to a friendly member of the Square Foot Projects Team on 020 8397 6284 or complete an enquiry form here 

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