Tiling through the times – how designs from different eras can add to your interiors


Tiling through the times – how designs from different eras can add to your interiors

Tiles have been around for thousands of years and their durability has seen them put to use on walls, floors and roofs. With such a long history their design, size and colour has adapted to reflect the time period and these past eras can now be drawn on for modern projects.

If you have a client looking for inspiration, or working to a historic brief, Square Foot can help with our range of patterned tiles. Here, our experts look at tile trends and how they can be incorporated into commercial interiors.

Tiles on trend

Chevrons are an age-old pattern used by the Ancient Romans and remain popular today as they are easy to lay and look great. Chevron tiles can provide sleek designs in offices and shops, providing a smart, modern entrance in reception areas.

If your brief involves working on a historic building a great way of adding some heritage is to recreate the tiling heyday of the Victorian era. Tiled floors, hallways and fireplaces are now sought-after period features.

Bringing a taste of the exotic inside is also popular. The bright colours and patterns of Moroccan and Mediterranean tiles can look stunning in an office environment or executive bathrooms, and have been used throughout history to cover every kind of surface.

Building the look

Working in commercial spaces may not provide the most obvious opportunity for historic designs but you don’t have to go all out like the Romans and Egyptians and tile an entire interior.

Adding a splash of heritage to a modern design can create an original interior with a strong visual element. Picking a wall or architectural element to feature your design may be the best way of installing it so it does not detract from the rest of the space.

If working in a larger area you could consider dropping in the odd patterned tile to provide a taste of history – particularly if the site, or building, has any particular heritage links.

Chevron tiles also come into their own in large areas. If a patterned tile could prove overpowering, chevrons can provide a simple alternative that will look good across floors and walls. Or take inspiration from the Victorians and use simple but striking black and white tiles. While harking back to history a monochrome floor remains up to date and can be the perfect backdrop for a modern interior.

The ranges available

Our patterned collections offer a huge range to suit any project. New to Square Foot is the Accera range, available in 151mm – 300mm size in faded blues and browns that could be ideal for dropping in casually to a wall design.

The Hexatile range comes in a range of colours, including beige, brown, cream and green, and is ideal for creating chevron patterns. They are suitable for walls and floors and come in 151mm – 300mm sizes.

If you want to recreate the Victorian checkerboard floor, consider the Savona or Turin range, featuring squares, diamonds and triangles. The Turin range is 9mm thick and comes in 150mm size and under. Savona tiles are 6mm thick and come in sheets of 36.

Square Foot Ceramics: tiles for all eras

We are proud to be a leading supplier to the interior design, contract and architectural industries offering an extensive range of high quality floor and wall tiles.

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