Tile trends for 2015: how to make a room appear bigger with porcelain tiles

Tile trends for 2015: how to make a room appear bigger with porcelain tiles

One of the most appealing features of porcelain tiles in a larger version, is that they can create the illusion of a more spacious living area.

By arranging large porcelain tiles in the right way and selecting the most suitable shade and style, rooms can appear much bigger and brighter.

Enhance natural beauty with light coloured porcelain tiles

Light coloured porcelain tiles such as the Tribeca design, give a spacious and airy feel to a room. Keeping the tone of the porcelain tiles natural, creates a sleek and minimal look, making the room appear bigger. The light reflective finish of neutral porcelain tiles gives the surface a brighter look which can vary according to the amount of natural lighting they are exposed to, providing a subtle spectrum of shades throughout the day.

Selecting a gloss finish for neutral coloured porcelain tiles like the Travertine Stone, creates greater light reflectivity, giving the impression of a larger surface area and a more expansive living space. The polished sheen of gloss finished porcelain tiles make the room look bright, fresh and clean.

Simplify with large porcelain tiles and less grouting

The busier the porcelain tiles look on a surface, the smaller the surface will seem, so for a space that requires opening up, large porcelain tiles are the most suitable option. By matching the colour of the grouting with the chosen porcelain tiles, the division between them becomes more subtle making the space seem larger.

Arranging porcelain tiles symmetrically to fool the eye

Laying porcelain tiles in a grid like fashion on walls and floors can create the illusion of space. In a smaller sized kitchen, large rectangle porcelain tiles placed across the widest section across the kitchen instead of along the length can make the surface look broader.

Combine underfloor heating with large porcelain tiles for extra space

Porcelain tiles conduct heat well due to their durability and composition making them a perfect choice for underfloor heating and meaning that wall radiators are no longer a necessity. This creates space both visually and physically.

Square Foot Ceramics can source large porcelain tiles of an outstanding quality in a collection of finishes, sizes and colours from accredited factories world-wide. As a highly valued and reputable supplier of versatile, stylish and appealing porcelain tiles, architect and interior design clients know who to come to for floor and wall materials when creating spectacular interiors.

When opening up living space with large porcelain tiles the project team at Square Foot Ceramics can offer a wealth of expertise and technical knowledge to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

In addition to porcelain tiles we also supply slate and other natural stone products, including limestone, marble and granite as well as high quality ceramic surfaces.

To find out more about our range of porcelain tiles and expert design service, please speak to a member of the Square Foot Projects team on 0208 397 6284 who will be more than happy to help.

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