Sourcing eco-friendly floor and wall tiles

Sourcing eco-friendly floor and wall tiles

With a growing commitment to environmentally responsible living, not to mention regulatory pressures within the building industry, carbon neutral commercial and residential projects are becoming the norm and the demand for eco-friendly floor or wall tiles is rapidly increasing.

At Square Foot Ceramics we believe that the excellence of our ceramic floor and wall tiles derives from a combination of an exceptional standard of product and an ethical and environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes. No longer considered simply 'niche' or 'trendy', eco-friendly wall tiles and floor tiles are what our clients demand for their projects, as industry standards are dictated by observation of stringent environmental and energy-efficiency criteria.

Manufacturing eco-friendly wall tiles and floor tiles

Traditionally the creation of ceramic floor and wall tiles has been a carbon-intensive process but with new innovation in production methods, it is now possible to sustainably manufacture a ceramic tile using lower carbon methods which don't compromise on quality and don't cost the earth.

When it comes to the suppliers of our floor and wall tiles, we are proud to be associated with factories which use sustainable manufacturing methods to reduce their negative environmental impact. These factories promote a culture of environmental responsibility – limiting their use of harmful substances, harnessing energy efficiently, recycling raw and waste materials and promoting the protection of the natural landscape – and are typically accredited under energy and environmental certifications such as LEED, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design scheme.

Use of floor and wall tiles under sustainable accreditation schemes

Recognised globally, LEED is probably the most dominant of the environmental certification schemes, providing differing formulae and guidelines for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of both new and existing buildings, based on credits which characterise the environmental sustainability performance of the building. Floor and wall tiles which have been produced in factories that satisfy superior eco-credentials will benefit the LEED rating of a building, in terms of the 'Materials & Resources' criteria. Achieving LEED certification allows businesses to demonstrate that their buildings are environmentally sound, conserve energy and are cost-efficient and this can also benefit projects by increasing entitlement to government 'green' incentives.

Eco-friendly wall tiles and floors tiles: choose from our extensive range

Our Square Foot Projects team acknowledge the crucial importance of sustainable build practise relating to both commercial and residential projects – it remains at the forefront of building industry news and accounts for an estimated 11% of UK commercial construction spend alone.

As leading retailers of floor and wall tiles, at Square Foot Ceramics we deliver a complete tiling solution to the interior design, contract and architectural industries. Along with our own ongoing commitment to the environment, we also understand the demand for eco-friendly floor and wall tiles which adhere to recommended building regulations. We stock a range of tiles from quality suppliers, the majority of which boast outstanding eco-credentials, such as LEED or Ecolabel certification, including Marazzi, Ceramiche Keope and Gigacer.

We have a vast range of floor and wall tiles for every style, budget and project and if we don't have something to meet your specifications then we are confident that we can source the right product for you. To find out more about our extensive range of wall tiles and floor tiles, speak to a member of the Square Foot Projects team – please click here.

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