Wood-effect porcelain tiles are the ideal surface for outdoor use

Wood-effect porcelain tiles are the ideal surface for outdoor use

The trend for wood-effect porcelain tiles has really taken off in recent times and they have become the tile du jour for use in residential, retail and commercial spaces.

As well as delivering an injection of style, wood-effect porcelain tiles have emerged as an extremely practical choice – and not just for interior use. Wood-effect porcelain tiles can be used as a floor treatment for external spaces – from al fresco bar areas and stylish beer gardens to hotel patios and residential terraces – their durability and low maintenance qualities make them the ideal alternative to natural timber.

The versatility of wood-effect porcelain tiles: indoor and out

Wood-effect porcelain tiles are perfect to transition between an indoor space and an outdoor area – such as a bar or restaurant or living area which opens onto a sun deck, terrace or courtyard – because the surface is suitable for both settings and using the same material gives a seamless, cohesive look which visually unifies the two areas.

Advantages of wood-effect porcelain tiles over natural wood

There are multiple practical benefits to using porcelain tiles in outdoor spaces. Unlike natural timber decking material, porcelain tiles are extremely easy to clean, are stain-resistant and require very little maintenance once installed and sealed. If using wood-effect porcelain tiles in an outdoor environment then it is necessary to use specific anti-slip tiles to provide a safe surface – your tile merchant can advise you on an appropriate product for your project.

As well as being frost-proof and water-resistant, you will never have to worry about wood-effect porcelain tiles changing colour, deteriorating or warping from water damage, unlike natural wood. Moreover, porcelain tiles will not chip, nick or splinter which is an important consideration for both residential and commercial projects.

The aesthetic qualities of wood-effect tiles

Capturing the beauty and character of natural timber grains, but with the benefit of a practical and durable material, wood-effect porcelain tiles are available in a selection of colours which can be used to complement any decorative style and colour scheme. Contemporary styles are enhanced by a low-key grain and honed colour palette, whilst porcelain tiles with a more distressed finish complement vintage and industrial chic aesthetics.

Available in a range of sizes and shapes, wood-effect porcelain tiles can be laid in a variety of configurations to achieve different looks, from herringbone patterns to parallel or staggered planks.

An extensive range of porcelain tiles to suit any palette

At Square Foot Ceramics we offer a selection of high quality wood-effect porcelain tiles in a range of shades, from rich dark brown tones to Scandinavian-influenced pale grey and whitewashed-effect designs.

In addition we also have an extensive array of ceramic wall and floor tiles, anti-slip products, large format tiles, mosaic treatments and natural stone flooring and we are confident that we can source the right product for your exact specifications and project.

To find out more about our extensive range of ceramic and porcelain tiles, speak to a member of the Square Foot Projects team on 0208 397 6284.

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