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Pools have become a common luxury and are installed within homes and properties right across the UK. With the integration of pools, it’s common for them to have pool tiles installed around them to not only bring beauty to the pool area but safety as well. Choosing the right pool tiles is important to ensure the installation is a complete success. Square Foot Ceramics offers a large diversity of pool tiles to choose from which can easily cater to your pool installation or tile upgrade. Some things you will need to consider before you buy your tiling options, include:

  • Safety – Do the tiles offer a non-slip design to reduce injury when installed around the pool?
  • Durability – Pool tiles will be exposed to changes in the weather many times across the years, so it’s important to find tiles which promote optimal durability and strength for long term exposure to outdoor elements.
  • Cost – Make sure you check into the price of a particular tile before buying to know if you have enough money before ordering in bulk. The price will be dictated on the number you require and the type of tile you need.
  • Design – The design of the tiles you choose is also important as it will dictate the end result and appearance once the tiling has been completed. Many people try to complement their outdoor area by selecting a patterned tile. White tiles are also a popular choice but they can also be bright when directly exposed to sunlight.
  • Material – Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for around the pool areas due to their durability and long lasting design. They also come available in many different colours and designs which can bring a lovely finish when completed. Ceramic tiles should be considered as an option when buying pool tiles.
  • Cleaning – Some tiles are easier to clean than others so it’s also advisable to work out the best option if you don’t plan to clean them all that often. Try to choose tiles which are simple to wash off or clean to make your pool have its luxurious look all year round.

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